Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ooh!! Scary!! Well it ain’t part of a scary movie, nor is it a story. I jst want to continue from where I left.

As I was saying, I'm this kind of a person who wasn’t really sure of what he/she was. See, there I am using both words since I was confused. Here I was, young and everyone refers to me as a boy, but deep inside I felt things were very different. I was confused! I couldn’t share this with my mom, she was a very strict mother so I was scared of what she would think.

Time went by and my feelings grew stronger and stronger. I still could feel something was amiss and I just couldn’t understand what was going on in my life.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay the word sounds like I’m gonna give some sermon on the future and mysteries of the Armageddon!! But it ain't that. All I wanna do today is give you a little revelation on what I said earlier; that I wanna tell ya all there is to know about me. But before that lemme just put this across clearly. This ain’t fo-sho. This is for all who are out there and are experiencing what I’m going through.

So as I said earlier, I’m a very unique person. Unique in this sense; I’m not what people think I am. I’m more of a two sided person. What I’m getting at is when I started realizing who I am and when a child reaches that stage where he/she can rationalize stuff about themselves, I got to discover something. I am not a guy. Yes, I was indeed born as a bouncing baby boy, but after some years, this boy never was! I’m sure those reading this have come across something like this somewhere. The thing is, I noticed some behaviours in me that were not actually inclined towards boyhood and it wasn’t tied to the fact that I intermingled a lot with those of the opposite sex, it just happened.

Lemme fill you in with more next time. Have a lovely day, will you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey. It’s a new week and damn its cold!! I mean temperatures in nairobi have gone to like 8 degrees or sumthin!! Gaawsh!! Anyways, lemme giv u tha down low on wats happenin here.

So today im gonna start by revealing that im a somewhat different kind of a person. Im the kind of person you would love to hate!! Ooh how lovely!! Okay. What I mean is, im a nice young girl in Nairobi trying to make sure I live life to the fullest. The only issue with me is that my feminity is only inwards for now. Im saying this because I actually live my life here in tao as a dude!! Yup! You heard right. But you see its not the way you think. All my life ive felt different and blah blah blah! Im sure you surfers have come across some sobby ol storo like mine.

Lemme stop there for tudei. Im surely gonna fill you in with more wen I return.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yet another day and this time I start with a lighter note. Lots of stuff has happened since may 15th, but now am starting to get back on track. I have neglected Gods power in my life and decided to follow my own. I have a small text id like to put in for you, so that atleast I can also be happy sharing this with all of you.

We shall definitely catch up later, friends.

1Jo 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us.

"We love Him because He first loved us." --1 John 4:19

There is no light in the planet but that which proceedeth from the sun; and there is no true love to Jesus in the heart but that which cometh from the Lord Jesus himself. From this overflowing fountain of the infinite love of God, all our love to God must spring. This must ever be a great and certain truth, that we love Him for no other reason than because He first loved us. Our love to Him is the fair offspring of His love to us. Cold admiration, when studying the works of God, anyone may have, but the warmth of love can only be kindled in the heart by God's Spirit. How great the wonder that such as we should ever have been brought to love Jesus at all! How marvellous that when we had rebelled against Him, He should, by a display of such amazing love, seek to draw us back. No! never should we have had a grain of love towards God unless it had been sown in us by the sweet seed of His love to us. Love, then, has for its parent the love of God shed abroad in the heart: but after it is thus divinely born, it must be divinely nourished. Love is an exotic; it is not a plant which will flourish naturally in human soil, it must be watered from above. Love to Jesus is a flower of a delicate nature, and if it received no nourishment but that which could be drawn from the rock of our hearts it would soon wither. As love comes from heaven, so it must feed on heavenly bread. It cannot exist in the wilderness unless it be fed by manna from on high. Love must feed on love. The very soul and life of our love to God is His love to us.

"I love thee, Lord, but with no love of mine, For I have none to give; I love thee, Lord; but all the love is thine, For by thy love I live. I am as nothing, and rejoice to be Emptied, and lost, and swallowed up in thee."
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