Monday, September 12, 2011

Changing My Bank Account Names

Hey all, did you miss me? Hehehe

So I had quite a good time the other day at the bank with changing my name on my bank account from the old to the new, even the signature, photo, forwarding address and cellphone numbers.

Initially I'd been informed that banks usually require one's PIN (personal identification number) to process a new account and so I had made my way to KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) offices to see if they'd accept a change of my PIN using my deed poll documents. Sadly, they said no. They informed me that I'd need to change my ID card details first and use the new ID to get a new PIN. I couldn't even use my new passport :(

Anyway, I went to my bank feeling frustrated and talked to an account manager there asking if it were possible to change the details on my account with only my deed poll and my passport. And he said yes! I was surprised and happy and I asked him to tell me what he needed. I explained to him that I was trans and that was the reason for the change of name and what not.

The guy didn't even flinch! He was like "Oh, okay.. so these are the documents you need to bring...." Yea! Just like that. I'd expected a tirade about oh how I'm harming God's wonderful work and bla bla bla but nothing! He never even asked why I did what I did, if anything we were talking about how our jobs are wearing us down! Talk about information & awareness!

Even the legal department staff didn't have questions. I was listening to his conversation with them and he was like "Yea she changed her name from bla bla to bla bla. Yes its one of those cases...."

And within about two weeks all my details were changed. The only thing that remained the same was my account number. The name, the signature, the address, the cellphone number, the photo! All changed! I was so so happy.

I'm now yet to go and get a new debit card. I'm still using "my brother's" card.

More updates to come soon. Thanks for reading :)

Remember, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to ask  me anything.
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