Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Mornings

Every day when I wake up in the morning, I think to myself, “What a great day. Am so thankful to be alive!” Then I begin my routine. But there are things that I always feel bad about.


Just imagine! I shave like after every two or three days. I feel bad about that. Its a constant reminder that I still have some shreds of testosterone in my body and that I need electrolysis. Electrolysis is the best way to get rid of them permanently. Sigh. Its not a nice thing. I shaved today. And it always makes me feel bad. But anyway, the time will come when I wont shave no more! I just need to plan it through. It simply doesn't feel right.


This is actually something I do almost all the time. I know my transgender, transsexual, transvestite, cross-dressers and drag queens know what I'm talking about. Making sure “that birth-defect” down there is properly tucked away into your pantie never ever to be seen or felt or even thought about. I just called it a birth-defect. I don't like it. I also don't hate it. But I don't like it. It makes me feel bad. Always. Huh!


I wear make-up mostly to conceal my heavily blemished and dark-shadowed face. I don't like it. Fine, it makes me look very nice and pretty but I just wish sometimes I could do without it. Granted this is not a regret of just me, many girls (not just trans) have the same predicament. They feel that they're naked without the make-up on. I feel the same. I don't like how my skin looks like without it. And I don't like the fact that I HAVE TO wear it every single day. Sigh.

Yeap. Thats my daily frustrations. But you know what? Things are good. I cant complain. Heck, I should be rejoicing! Honestly! I am so glad things are good. Most of all, I AM THANKFUL!



Unknown said...

Everyone has things they do in the morning the don't like. I hate showering and brushing my hair!:) It's such a bore! Of course they're nothing compared to you but still I hate brushing my hair!

Véro B said...

Being thankful is the best thing. :)

I hope you can get electrolysis soon. I hated shaving my face. Hard to feel feminine when you're doing that! And eventually tucking starting to annoy me too, although I never failed to do it. I hope your liberation comes soon!

Lindsay said...

Thank you much cdohnio and veronica

Am hoping for the best definitely.

Anonymous said...

wow, Linds...that's a lot to do just to get through the day. I'm hoping things work out for you!!

Gay Nairobi Man said...

I hate shaving- I do it daily even when just lounging..coz I hate the feel of roughness on my face.

Thank god I don't have to tuck...interesting that its the part of my anatomy that more it shows, more Iam wanted. Lol

Lindsay said...

Hy annabelle! Thanks

GNM, yea. really sux! i have seen that bulging thing wth alot of gay men! hmm...

The Girl Behind The Stare said...

Hey There,
I just stumbled onto your blog and was hooked. I wanted to see if there was something I could help you with, and I think I can. I used to have really bad acne and uneven skin tone too, so a friend recommended I try Mary Kay skin care. I was hesitant, but I tried it (couldn't hurt I said), and it worked. Some days I do go with out makeup, and I love it. Let me know if you want to know what exactly I used ok. Best of luck and hang in there.

Lindsay said...

Hey Leah,

Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into it.

Anonymous said...

Waxing is much better. Ur hairs tumble wont grow u at least 2 weeks

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