Monday, July 28, 2008


Today I just wanted to let you know a little more about what I did in order to be satisfied. And when I say satisfied I mean just to be okay with what was going on in my life. After realizing that I was different and that I might not be able to change anything about it I decided to embrace it and become everything there was about it. I just made up my mind not to fuss around about what I couldn’t change and just embrace it and take life as it comes. Of course this was something that never went away and it kept looming over my head since it was a part of me. So I made up my mind to find out exactly what I was going through and that’s when I turned to the internet for information. Being one who was so passionate about movies I had watched a lot of TV programs that dwelt on the topic of gayness and trans-ism. I had an idea but it was my research on the topic through the internet that opened my mind and gave me explanations as to what was going on. I couldn’t believe it myself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I decided to see what I could do about what I was feeling. Clearly there was something I just couldn’t put my finger on. After realizing that I was different, I tried as much as I could to ‘fix’ what I had thought was my own mistake. I started trying to adjust my behaviours to suit what i thought was the correct behaviours. i just was so confused!

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