Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Drag Queen Here

I'm not a drag queen. I think people here already know that. I'm not hating on drag queens either.

I just thought to mention a few differences though; just so people don't confuse us trans women with drag queens.

RuPaul - Famous drag queen

  • Drag queens like to dress up and "look fabulous" "hot" or something of the sort. We are actually trying to live our lives as who we are; its not something we "dress up" for.
  • Drag queens are all about acting feminine and looking the part. We struggle to be seen as our true selves. We don't even want to be overly feminine but we sometimes think the more feminine we are the more accepted we are. Acting is the last thing on our minds.
Of course there is much more info out there about why drag queens are not trans women and the like.


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