Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yes people! I am in a happy mood…or at least I was!! At one point last week I was truly happy. Reason? See, my special someone apologized about last time and we patched things up. And later I wrote him a little something to show how much I cared and he replied me back! It was so romantic I couldn’t help myself but cry! I tell you I was so excited when I read it and I have been reading it almost every single minute I get free!! Has anyone of you had that same feeling? That feeling you get when a loved one says something and it sticks like gum!? That feeling you get each time you thing of him/her? It’s the same feeling you get when he is around you!? Some people say its love, I still have problems in determining whether its love or something else. I sometimes prefer calling it “extra strong liking” of someone. But funny enough, when that special someone is around It feels so nice when I say those three words, “ I love you”.!!

Love someone this easter!! HAPPY EASTER!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


There was a time I was soo mad at someone that I couldn’t help myself!! I was soo angry that it was unimaginable of what I could do to him if he was right next to me.

But the problem was that he was my special someone!! Yes people!! Indeed he was!! And I was mad at him!! F you cant believe me just look deep into your hearts and admin to me that you have never been mad at someone that you loved!!

We had planned a very romantic evening together and he was supposed to spend the night with me at my crib. I had prepared everything and I was so excited at his purported arrival.

The jokes were on me!!

I couldn’t believe what he did!!

Oh…I shall continue with this soon!! Keep checking…!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi y'all!!

Just wanted to let you guys know that am back, alive and kicking HARD!! You know how we do! I gotta give ya nairobians tha latest low down and the hottest gossip. Only problem is that I need help from allo where I can get it. If you know you can gimme the lates scoop on whats happening and youre never gonna hide nothing then jus holla and lemme know. We sure need to spice up our game ‘ere peeps ama we jus fall out!!

Oh! And by the way..guys.. it doesn’t hurt to jus click on those google ads kidogo…Im sure the info you get will come in handy!!

We must chat people so lets get right on with it!!

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