Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alien No More!

Hi good people!

I know I've been out and quiet for a long time but its because I've been celebrating! I recently got my passport!!!! Hooray!!!

Remember this post:

Okay, maybe I am complaining a wee bit too much, but honestly, can't you see my frustrations? Lemme give you ten things I can't do now because "I don't exist".

1. I wanna travel outside country. I can't do that because I don't have a passport. If I go apply for one right now they'll tell me "you can't apply using your brother's documents, go bring yours"... oh wait, I have none!!
2. I wanna go back to school. I can't because, again, I can't use 'my brother's' documents!
3. I wanna open a bank account. I can't!!
4. I wanna travel locally using an airline. Can't!
5. I wanna invest my hard earned cash somewhere. Can't!!
6. I wanna start a business. Can't!!
7. I wanna go for driving lessons. Can't! You need an ID or Passport to get a DL!
8. I wanna buy a car... Can't!!
9. I wanna get into a certain society and save money for my old age. CAN'T!!
10. I wanna buy a mortgage for a house for my mom. CAN'T!!!!!

I. Am. So. Frustrated!!!!!

The above list is what I'm working on now. I've checked off number 1! The next few months will see me checking off more stuff on that list :)

I. Am. So. EXCITED!!!

But there are some downsides. For instance I hit a snag when I went to try and change my PIN (personal identification number) at the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) offices. They informed me that one can only change their PIN using the ID only. And therefore I'd need to change my ID first before I can change my PIN. Drats! Anyhoo, I will deal with that soon.

In the meantime,

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