Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yeah... Boys Again!

I can't believe this.

I just can't believe am blogging about the same issues all over again. Maybe written in a different way but still, its the same thing.


You know, the sad part is that I am in a relationship. A good one at that. And no, its not that the relationship is on the rocks or anything, quite contrary actually, its amazing. Its the sad fact that I, being oh so monogamous n all, can't and won't cheat on my M. I won't. I can't.

Yet the temptation is always there. Always. And it keeps increasing.

Sometimes I feel like am gonna do something about it... like become ugly or something.... just to avoid boys getting interested in me..... but then there is that fear that if I do that M will not be happy.... though he should be into me for me and not for how I look like.... then again, .. argh! Sucks!!

I know, I know... this is the usual stuff (most) girls go through. Sometimes I think I'm too nice. Or something close to that.

But I am left to wonder.... when I see my friends and peers... and hear all the stuff they go through.... and how they don't hold onto a relationship for long... because they're always cheating n stuff.... I always find it interesting... how someone can do that..... you know... sleep with several people within a span of a few months.. or even weeks. I can't do that. I honestly can't.

Yet that's the least of my worries. I said I've mentioned this before. I feel so bad. Because I'm meeting new people all the time and I'm always wondering when or whether at all to tell them about "my medical history" (as Bree on 'TransAmerica' puts it). And its more for the guys who (obviously) are into me. It gets hard. And let me just go on ranting because this will help me (and maybe someone else out there) figure it out..

Anyway... lets see.. I will know what to do..


Merry Christmas and Boxing Day to you all!!


Amy K. said...

We're alike in that way. I simply can't be unfaithful, because I wouldn't want it to happen to me. Plus, I just love my Nikki so much, that it would be a desecration and a blasphemy of the love that we share. And I would be the one to blame, for making something so beautiful into a travesty, and maybe destroying it outright. I would rather die...

Lindsay said...

i feel you on that one Amy

Anonymous said...

one of these days Alehandro will give you some good anal fucking...youll have to leave your borefriend ;-)

Long time....Ive missed writing on your shoutbox :-)

Turudi kazi ama?

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