Saturday, February 18, 2012

Of Gender Reassignment Surgery


Yes, I haven't posted a thing this year. Sorry. Hope this year has began well for you.

I've been thinking of GRS a lot lately. I think it is because I am at a stage where life has become sort of stagnant, transition-wise. I am taking my medication as usual and its now almost two years since I had the orchie. According to a website I read a while ago, it takes roughly two years for one to fully develop breasts. I so want that to be false! Mine are still small and I really want them to grow more. I just hope it happens soon.

About the surgery, its more of a money issue rather than a choice issue. I do want to have the surgery, and if I had the means, I'd do it NOW! However, I don't. And I don't see myself coming by that kind of money any time soon.

A friend of mine went to Thailand recently and when he was going I asked him to find out for me roughly how much it would cost now to have the surgery there, Thailand being world renowned for having the best GRS centres & surgeons & at affordable costs. He told me it would be roughly 12,000 USD (1M Kes). That's a shocker!

The interesting part is that I can do this surgery in my country but the hospital lawyers completely refuse anyone who wants to do the surgery to have it. They say its a sensitive matter that would have legal implications later. You understand that? Me neither.

Anyway, I will try focus on other things in life as I wait for the right time for my surgery. I will also try and enjoy life now as I am truly blessed.


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