Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gimme A Name Change Already!!!

I am so so mad!!

This silly government of ours has decided to delay the process for me to get a name change. I have all my papers correct and oh, just because I am changing my name from a "male" one to a typically "female" one, they've raised questions.

I am tempted to blame the recent talk about gay issues in the country and sadly, trans issues are still being lumped together with gay issues and people still view trans persons as "extreme" gays. But I won't. I don't want to step on anyone's toes and be called homophobic. *sigh*

So the reality is that about five months ago, no, six months, I lodged a request to have my name changed. Its supposed to be a simple process that takes no more than two weeks for approval and a month to lapse after being gazetted.

They've refused. They're asking me to seek approval from some director and am asking myself, who is this person am supposed to 'seek approval' from? How do they know me? What is it to them if I am changing my name? I have no criminal record and duuh, ITS NON OF THEIR BUSINESS!!

Okay, maybe I am complaining a wee bit too much, but honestly, can't you see my frustrations? Lemme give you ten things I can't do now because "I don't exist".

1. I wanna travel outside country. I can't do that because I don't have a passport. If I go apply for one right now they'll tell me "you can't apply using your brother's documents, go bring yours"... oh wait, I have none!!
2. I wanna go back to school. I can't because, again, I can't use 'my brother's' documents!
3. I wanna open a bank account. I can't!!
4. I wanna travel locally using an airline. Can't!
5. I wanna invest my hard earned cash somewhere. Can't!!
6. I wanna start a business. Can't!!
7. I wanna go for driving lessons. Can't! You need an ID or Passport to get a DL!
8. I wanna buy a car... Can't!!
9. I wanna get into a certain society and save money for my old age. CAN'T!!
10. I wanna buy a mortgage for a house for my mom. CAN'T!!!!!

I. Am. So. Frustrated!!!!!

Want me to go on?? It is soooo freaking tiring having to lag behind and miss out on great great opportunities I swear!!!

Anyway..... next time you say trans people have it easy, think again! Okay, I take that back. Atleast I don't walk the streets of Nairobi during the day wondering if the person behind me will stab me to death because they suspect I am (fill in the blank).

I hope this stalemate ends soon and I can finally achieve the above ten. HUH!!

Nice day.



Anonymous said...

I hope you can get your "approval" as well. I can certainly understand your frustration. What you want to do is live a normal life!

As for trans people having it easy, I wouldn't say that, especially not in many countries in the world.

Amy K. said...

Who is this "director" that you have to see? Can you get an appointment with him or her? It sounds a lot harder to change your name in Kenya than in the US. I barely got a raised eyebrow when I had mine changed. I wish you the very best of luck, and please keep us posted!

Lindsay said...

I am still waiting to see what happens. Its still stalled somewhere but I will let you all know once its passed.

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