Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay the word sounds like I’m gonna give some sermon on the future and mysteries of the Armageddon!! But it ain't that. All I wanna do today is give you a little revelation on what I said earlier; that I wanna tell ya all there is to know about me. But before that lemme just put this across clearly. This ain’t fo-sho. This is for all who are out there and are experiencing what I’m going through.

So as I said earlier, I’m a very unique person. Unique in this sense; I’m not what people think I am. I’m more of a two sided person. What I’m getting at is when I started realizing who I am and when a child reaches that stage where he/she can rationalize stuff about themselves, I got to discover something. I am not a guy. Yes, I was indeed born as a bouncing baby boy, but after some years, this boy never was! I’m sure those reading this have come across something like this somewhere. The thing is, I noticed some behaviours in me that were not actually inclined towards boyhood and it wasn’t tied to the fact that I intermingled a lot with those of the opposite sex, it just happened.

Lemme fill you in with more next time. Have a lovely day, will you!

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