Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey. It’s a new week and damn its cold!! I mean temperatures in nairobi have gone to like 8 degrees or sumthin!! Gaawsh!! Anyways, lemme giv u tha down low on wats happenin here.

So today im gonna start by revealing that im a somewhat different kind of a person. Im the kind of person you would love to hate!! Ooh how lovely!! Okay. What I mean is, im a nice young girl in Nairobi trying to make sure I live life to the fullest. The only issue with me is that my feminity is only inwards for now. Im saying this because I actually live my life here in tao as a dude!! Yup! You heard right. But you see its not the way you think. All my life ive felt different and blah blah blah! Im sure you surfers have come across some sobby ol storo like mine.

Lemme stop there for tudei. Im surely gonna fill you in with more wen I return.


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