Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh Well

its been a while. and i am posting this directly into the posting area so the writing is not ‘done properly’ but atleast the words are here.

and the reason why i insist on doing this is not to limit myself to copy pasting stuff. yea...thats basically it.

so basically i am bored. bored because i cant seem to get myself to write something comprehensible. a friend of mine says she has the same problem so it seems am not alone…

being trans is hard. make up in the morning to conceal that famous 5 oclock shadow…boob enhancers….tight undies…all that crap in dressing…and every time being carefull to look around wondering if someone knows youre trans…puh!

i sometimes wonder how easy it would have been had i been born okay.



Véronique said...

Being trans is hard. You're moving forward, but I know it's difficult, and probably more so for you than it was for me. But you're doing so well!

If you had been born okay, you'd have a whole different set of problems. Nothing is ever easy. :)

Lindsay said...


If only..........

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