Wednesday, September 22, 2010

20th September: Five Months Later...

Its been err.. 5 months since I had my surgery and began taking hormones! Gosh! 5 months. What's changed??

Nothing much! Don't be disappointed.

Physically nothing much has changed. I don't need to spell it out.

Life is as is... going about well... since the story was published on the newspaper my visibility has increased..... I guess... I aint as anonymous as I thought I'd be... but... anywany...

That's practically it. Nothing much as I said.

And yes...

Its a good thing! I like this! Am happy... am thankful.... am grateful... things are good... and you know what? 

I feel like this!!!

THIS WAS THE IDEA!!! This is why... I doubt if I'd be this happy if I hadn't made that decision about a year and 18 days ago to take up that new job. I wouldn't.... its been a year since I began transitioning. A year from 7th September 2009. That's when Lindsay came out and said "enough is enough!"!!

And as I always say, "Live and Let Live!"



Veronica said...

So good to hear from you! Seriously, I was afraid that your going very public might have led to problems. I'm very happy that's not the case. Congratulations on a year of being yourself!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Veronica!

Yea, the publicity thing is still something on a debate level.

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