Friday, July 29, 2011

Good News! I'm Not An Alien Anymore!!

YAAY! Its finally done! I'm no longer an alien to the Kenyan Government!

This happened a while back yes, but I didn't want to say it before I got my passport but... ah I've said it! The above document states that my name change has been approved and I used the said document to apply for a passport.

I went to Nyayo House to apply for a passport and we went straight to the supervisors office just to avoid questions with the service people at the booths. The team there was very friendly. The supervisor took my documents, asked me a few questions, such as ensuring I understood that the passport would only show my new name but would still indicate "M" for sex because the documents only approve a change of name and not a change of sex. After we had that discussion he asked me to wait for a while as he seeks approval from his boss. A few minutes later (actually a while) he comes back and asks me to go with him to see his supervisor. We went in and had a similar conversation with the boss, i.e. about the M. We also had a bit of chit chat about the situation of other Kenyan trans people and how difficult it is for them to get by, e.g. getting jobs, passing, living, acceptance and so forth. They then informed me that my application was fine and I would now go to pay, take a photo and wait for a week and I'd get my passport!

I am so so excited about this news! This means that all the things I spoke about here will be fulfilled in due time!

Thanks for the support people. I really appreciate it.



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Your blog is really interesting. I think you said you wanted to chat with me, about a year ago when you posted on Foreverthequeerestkids? Sorry I've been so long in replying. Do you still want to talk?

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