Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I was browsing on my phone, going through my facebook (oh and by the way I must write something about the revolution of facebook in Kenya!) and I was just thinking to myself how lucky I was to have met someone in here who likes me despite my many differences. Imagine this. The guy claims to be in love with me! We haven’t met yet, I haven’t even seen his picture but I already have this feeling that the guy is really nice. Everyday he inboxes me, telling me how he loves me, how he likes me, calling me angel(I really like that!) and oh! Just making me feel all queezy inside.

“it feels like oooooh! You don’t know my name… “ Alicia Keys runs through my mind all over again.

Some people live for a fortune,

Some people live for the fame,

Some people live for the power, yeah,

Some people live just to play the game,

Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothing at all,

If it ain’t you baby, If I ain't got you baby…

I think that’s enough for today.

“just live your life….you're only Human…”

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