Friday, February 19, 2010


In a world full of writers and thinkers, you cannot help but wonder why you want to include yourself in this sphere. I wonder. I ask myself day in day out why the hell I want to blog all the time. Why the hell I am obsessed with writing a blog each and every time. A friend whom I can call a prolific writer once pulled down his blog. Why? He felt that he wanted to engage with people more personally and on a more mainstream media. I still don't get it. But who am I to judge?

Here is a place where I can comfortably put down my thoughts and they can be in the blogosphere for eternity if I may say. Here is a place where I can have my thoughts and dreams and rants and raves about everything and anything that comes my way and ensure that the message gets across to all without trampling all over people's feet. Here is a place where I can blast people I want to blast. Here is a place I can make my noise and no one will ostracize me for anything.

Sometimes I wonder at myself as to whether I can continue. I have so many things I want to do. And for sure this is one of them. But I guess I should just continue. Just continue blogging. Continue writing. Continue trying to make my mark. No matter how small the mark may seem, maybe someday it will be big. Maybe someday someone prominent somewhere will read this and say “hmm...this is good!”. Maybe, just maybe.

So there goes me. And my rant for the day. So I guess it was boring. Or maybe not. Hey, thats me. Thats just the way I am. Period!


Lori D said...

You know, I may not comment as much as I like, but I like your writing style and I enjoy your reliability :) You seem to write from the heart and I'm glad you do. A friend once told me, "Just keep writing, keep filming, and sharing your story." And so far, I've done just that. So go for it!

Denis Nzioka said...

Lindy (can I call you that?)

First, clearly, you are refering to me when you say 'profilic writer' (Aaaah, that is like my middle name. LOL!) But I am disappointed. Mbona hukusema, apart from prolific writer, sexy and good looking, mwanaume kibao, funny, affable, charming, great cook, good in bed, e.t.c? LOL!

Anyway, the thing with writing and with blogs specifically, is that we can write just about anything. It is an outlet for our most deepest, scariest and funny enough, greatest emotions and being/psyche. Yes, writing is you!

I see that you have aptly noted the basics and general-ness of writing and blogging and so I will not repeat myself. All I will say is that by writing, fact or fiction, we get to know and understand the author a wee bit more. We can get to see who he,she/it is, what he/she/it is thinking and what he/she/it is trying to tell us.

Finally back to me (its always about me. LOL!), the stuff I write about may or not be exactly me. I write so that I can put in words what most people fear or find hard to utter. Yes, I am a bit controversial and all, but who said emotions aren't? I enjoy writing and I always write so that people react. Some hate me with a passion, others swear to kill me, others just get more confused, others understand and are appreciative and others sit back, open-mouthed and are amazed by what they read.

And you know, that's what makes writing and blogging worth it! Deign you may be granted this gift which I have in 'excess' (Okay, I am now being an a**).

Mwah. ((-:

Tamaku said...

I love you just the way you are and for sharing it. xxx

Monica Roberts said...

And why not put your voice out there.

African descended trans people's voices in the blogosphere are rare, and Continental African trans voices rarer still.

But they are voices that need to be added to the conversation on transgender issues, so why not you?

Lindsay said...

Yea Lori, I kinda got the same from you. From reading your stuff. Plain and simple. Straight from the heart.

Denis, No. Lind is fine. :D Oh please stop bragging on my blog! (MEN!!) Oh and by the way...didnt know you like sleeping that much!(good in bed??). All in all, I like you Denis alot. Seriously. But dont get it twisted!

Love you too Tamaku!

Yes, Monica, I feel you. And thats why I strive on and on. Even now when I am still using a pseudo name, at one point I shall come out and tell it like it is. That is, when I am prepared to do so. God knows Kenya needs it!

Thank you all for your wonderful support.


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