Friday, February 5, 2010


I just felt that the silence wast too much and that I owed y'all at least a post. Well to be honest I am doing great, except for a few slip ups here and there and all the drama that ensued when I was moving.

So this is what happened. As you all know, I started transitioning before I moved out of my old home. So everyone around me was wondering what the hell I was up to. Eventually after I got my new hairdo it hit them and they started to take more notice. I felt really lucky(blessed probably) that through out the course of my stay there after beginning my transition (5 months) I was never touched by anyone like they want to do something bad to me. That I am grateful for. So on that fateful day, as I was making sure the truck carrying my stuff was parked at the right place, the mechanics for the garage next to the building realized that I was indeed moving out (someone told them to move their cars away so I can park my truck). With this, they all stopped what they were doing and started to murmur while looking at my truck! They all stopped working. Of course by this time a crowd had gathered to see why people were chatting and staring at the truck and the story was that “That guy who became a chic is moving out.” I heard another one was saying that they wanted to strip me to “confirm” that I had indeed changed everything! Good thing no one touched me although by the time I was leaving the crowd had become so huge I was freaking out! They were laughing and saying things but I never heard exactly what they were saying. Some were cheering and jeering others shouting “madam niaje!” (hows u madam).! It was scary yet amazing at how people can lack things to do and dwell on my life. Anywho, I reached at my new house safely and all is well.
As if thats not enough, I heard a similar story on radio the next week and I was shocked that it was similar to mine! Talk about coincidence!

Life is short. I will live it the way I want to live. No one will dictate the direction of my life!!!

Have a good one y'all!


VĂ©ronique said...

Glad you were able to move safely! That sounds like it would have been a scary scene.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new house, so glad you moved it would have gotten a wee bit nasty! Now you need to make it happen.

Lindsay said...

Yea, it was unbelievable! It scared me alot. Gladly, there was no scuffle and I left the place. Hopefully there will be improvements.

Thanks for the concern and congrats. I am happier now and yes, I sure will make it happen!

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