Thursday, April 1, 2010

Habari Madam!

Nowadays I hear that phrase quite often. I am getting used to it and more so the pronouns. I had mentioned about this before but, just so stress my point, here is a whole blog post dedicated to it.

I go to the supermarket and there the attendees are nice to me “Madam nikusaidie aje?” How can I help you madam? Its so nice! Some of you may think I am getting in over my head or making a big deal over nothing but, I mean, for me, knowing all too well my past and of knowing that I never used to be referred to as such, it gives me such exhilarated feeling whenever someone refers me as such. Simply, feels good! Makes you know inside that its happening. I am actually living the life I have been dreaming about.

When the people close to me, mostly my family and friends who stuck around me, refer to me as 'she' or 'her' it feels really nice. This means that they are internalizing the idea and that its getting easier for them to refer to me as such. I simply love it! You cant help but appreciate it.

I guess this is what most people call 'passing' since I seem to do that very well. Imagine, on about three or four occasions, a former colleague of mine has passed right infront of me, even glancing towards me or rather looking at me and has (seemingly) not recognised me at all! I find that astounding considering that I myself still see me as the same, albeit the hair and make-up! All in all, that must mean something. It must mean that I am making lots of progress. I am happy.

p.s. I cant wait to see an article on a daily paper that is coming out soon. I am told it will be a feature story about Intersexuality and Transsexualism in Kenya and based on a recent workshop that was held here in Nairobi. I am also told that it has stories of intersex and transsexual persons in kenya. It will be a first of its kind. I simply cant wait to see it!

The title reads “Hello Madam”


Denis Nzioka said...

It goes to show how well your transformation has gone. If they can say that without blinking an eye, well, you have really outdone yourself, Madam.

I will start calling you Madam.

VĂ©ronique said...

"Passing" would mean deception. You're not deceiving anyone. They're seeing the real you! And I don't blame you for feeling good about each "ma'am" you hear or about correct pronouns. I transitioned more than two years ago, and those things still make me feel really good inside. They probably always will!

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