Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Progress

As time progresses and life goes on, I am finding it easier and better to relate, be myself, be more confident and simply go on with it.

Life for me has improved. Its better than it was before. Maybe we established this already, but it doesn't harm to say it again all the same. Nowadays, I look forward to living. I'm at peace with myself. And I love every bit of it.

So what has changed? What's new? Well, for starters, I have gotten the chance to see some of the guys I used to work with. I saw them but they didn't see me. Or at least they didn't recognize me! I like that. In fact I think its very fascinating that my appearance has changed so much to a point where someone we used to see each other on a daily basis can now just glance at me at the stage and not even recognise me! Its amazing. It amazes me a lot. But then again, I love it. I love the fact that I am a new person. And that I can walk in town with less fear, if not none.

Unfortunately for me, the man in my life is struggling to embrace the whole idea. I don't like talking about him because that's the way he is. That's the way he prefers it. He is reserved and private. Therefore there are things that id want to do with him, such as go out for dinner, for drinks, shopping, on holiday together but it cant work. Why? Because he is still taking time to absorb and accept this reality. Th reality that the old me is no more and the new me is a reality. According to him, he still needs time to be ready to fully embrace the idea. Again, as I mentioned, he is a very reserved person and he likes keeping such stuff private, hence my not mentioning him everywhere! I don't mind it, I understand him. I only hope that one day he can be comfortable being out with me and not worry about meeting someone he knows and having to explain things. That's his main worry. He doesn't want to explain anything to anyone. At all. It may seem sad, but I understand him completely. And that enough about him. No comments.

In other news, my activism role is improving and I see myself travelling to places for lots of work. I love activism. I love spearheading change. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I started another blog for my public life; to spearhead change in Kenya through activism.

The phenomena of transsexualism and intersexuality have been in existence in the world (maybe the west) for very long but has been deeply hidden in our country. Our country desperately needs a paradigm shift to change this scenario. It is people like me and my colleagues in activism including other LGB and mainstream human rights organisations to see us through. Yes, funds are there but its the manpower and will to see through change that is lacking. Again, invisibility of this community does little to spearhead change in Kenya. It is until we come out and show we exist that we can be able to begin influencing change in the society and in our Kenya at large.

I pray things start changing fast.



Anonymous said...

One word . Hilarious!!

ati activism...the only activism gay people are known for is what they do behind closed doors....alafu mnazusha when news titles such as "gay duo mobbed after being nabbed in gently rocking vehicle" .has any leading station denied you the opportunity to appear....quite frankly the gay people have been in the news for all the wrong reasons..and I dont expect them to have the balls to do anything constructive about their plight anytime soon..except engage in more anal sex

purpledew said...

Lindsay, go ahead and spear head! Leave this annonymous asshoe who cant even leave his real identity behind. These are the kind of jerks you'll run into anyways and i can bet you, he has never found the kind of peace that you have found now that you have found yourself. He doesn't even know the diff between gay and tranny. *cough*
All the best Lindsay...
PS: I am straight and i support the LGBT's, hear that annonymous?? they got our support

Lindsay said...

Hey Purpledew,

Thanks for the props! Do you think I have time to respond to such? Eish!

I appreciate straight ppl who get us! Thanks again :)


Anonymous said...

hmmm purpledew...something rather fruity about your name, yet you claim to be seems my take on the kind of gay activism going on has really bugged(read buggery) you huh? you must be one of those 'fundis wa mifereji ya sewage' I was talking If youre going to give me names, at least ensure you get the spelling right.

And for goodness sake,Theyre transgendered individuals, not Trannies, Mr know it all

as for you dear blogger, im just calling it as I see it, If you are expected to be taken seriously by the public, youre going to have to do more than just chronicle your gay to gay (come on..give me some credit here.I'm funny ain't I?)lives on an anonymous blog :-)..until then the only spearheading youre involved in is ..well..your partner's spearhead

Do have a well lubed evening

Anonymous said...

oops, seems youre female purpledew..well either way, those words came from the heart

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,
Thanks for dropping by. You know what? You are right. A lot more needs to be done. I will assume that its in good faith that you are sort of provoking the debate here and tell you this: The activism will go on. Simply already know why.

Thanks again for dropping by. See you soon! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh..that last one is mine.


Anonymous said...

You call that a come back?..Im out..

good luck with your life

Lindsay said...

Thanks Anon,

You too enjoy!

Live and let live.


Acolyte said...

So did your man start dating you before or after your change? Is a straight man dating a T girl gay? Sounds like it....

Lindsay said...

And about him being straight/gay, al write a post about it.
Thanks for visiting.

Lindsay said...

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