Tuesday, May 25, 2010

20th May: One Month Later...

Its been a month! Yes! A month since I had my surgery and started on hormones (properly). I am elated. On May 20th, I celebrated a month of being testosterone-free and of using estrogen. What are the results? They are listed below.

  1. Breasts – Don't ask me why this is the first thing I mentioned but honestly, this was indeed one of the major changes I was waiting for! My boobs are popping out! Much like how the tits of young girls who have just entered puberty start growing. The nipples are extra-sensitive (forgive me if some things are graphic/disturbing) and a large stone-thing has developed making the area swell out. The whole place is sensitive making me feel itchy and uncomfortable all the time! Otherwise, I am elated! Very very much! I like them kabisa and can't wait for them to continue growing!
  2. Face & Skin – Interestingly, my face and skin have become waay smoother than ever. My face in particular is much much better than ever before. The “five-o'clock shadow” is less visible, nearly not there. Though I still grow facal hair, it now grows less faster than before. Actually half less (takes two days longer to be visible).
  3. Body shape – I may be exaggerating on this but I think my body shape is shifting. I tend to see more hips (Ive always had hips) and smaller waist. But this is rather speculative at the moment and I still have to be patient. The only thing noticeable is the fact that I am eating slightly more now than before!
  4. Calmness, Tranquility – Yes, this is true. Apparently, testosterone makes men very rough, easily agitated and all. So now indeed, I am calmer, more at peace and easier to deal with. I heard rumours that I will be moody and emotional but I am yet to feel that so lets wait and see. Either way, I am enjoying all the tranquility!
  5. Hot Flashes – I remember a colleague of mine telling me about her having a hot flash and I wondered how it would feel. Now I felt it! I did. Several times! They aren't the nicest thing to have but...having them somehow reassures my womanness now...something that I am happy about!
  6. Loss/Decreased Libido – Well, I am young so I can work up some sort of “in-the-mood” for myself but I have to say I have felt the decrease.

I can't remember other stuff for now, but generally, its going well. Something else exciting is how its now so much easier to tuck that thing down there! Hidden away nicely! I even got a chance to wear a micro mini the other night! Cool!



I am lost. I have no idea what to write about. Fine this blog is about my life but, due to security concerns, I am not sure exactly what to say and what not to say. So my question is, do you have anything you'd like me to talk about?

Ask me anything!


Denis Nzioka said...

Low libido? Loose my number! (O-:

cuppatea said...

I'm so happy for you that you're blooming into a beautiful woman! Moreso that you're happy inside....
Low libido? Hmmmm at least it'll give men a challenge ;) they like challenges lol...

Haute Haiku said...

at Cuppa and DN LoL.
anyway miss, where is your profile? I need your email. Sthng that I need to ask ya email me please hintellect@gmail.com

lisalisa said...

That sounds like one happy girl!

Now here is a typically British question for you. "How is the weather"

Lindsay said...

Hey peeps!
Denis ur kweize!
cuppatea, thank you! Yep...they'll need to work harder now!
Haiku, we communicated.
Lisa, mwah gurl! Thanks!!

umanyvalentina said...

how is the Kenya different from years ago when it comes to dealing with Trans women? i do want to visit my hometown in the near future

thats my question, but otherwise i'm so happy that your happy and i hope that your happy that i'm happy :):):)
i love your blogs keep em coming honey

Lindsay said...

Hey Valentina,
Thanks :)
Kenya, somehow is more tolerant and easier now. What I know is that people mind their own biz and keep to themselves.

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