Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy IDAHO!

Wishing everyone a Happy International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia! Somehow, transphobia is usually left out. I wonder why...

Kenya's marking of the event is being covered by KHRC and GALCK.

In other news, I just thought I should give y'all an update.

Things are okay. Though in recent past I have been under the weather. Nairobi has been raining a lot lately and with that comes a serious bout of cold! I have a bad cold that is persistent and refuses to go away :( However, I am trying all means necessary to fight it away!

The hormones are working! I have developed small lumps around my nipples and they are slightly painful when squished! Hehe! Ain't I excited about that. The area where the surgical cut was done has completely healed and the color is back to normal. One thing I am very very happy about is the fact that concealment is much much easier now that I don't have to be scared of squishing or smashing anything! LOL!

There has been much more media coverage on transgender/transsexual matters in Kenya lately. There was a story in The Star, today there is one in The Standard and just two days ago Citizen TV covered a story about Cuba reinstating the government sponsored gender reassignment surgery.

Good stuff, no?


umanyvalentina said...

wow, im glad
be well dada

Lindsay said...

Thanx Valentina!! Mwaah!

Monica Roberts said...

Lindsay, has the coverage in Kenya on trans issues become more positive or stayed the same?

Lindsay said...


I would say that the coverage on trans and intersex issues have increased. About them being positive is another issue all together because there was virtually no coverage at all before. Now, people actually hear these things on the media and we are pushing more and more for eliminating ignorance.

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