Monday, May 31, 2010

All Dolled Up!

Last weekend there was a party. A queer party. I haven't partyd in a while and this was my chance. My friend Kat ensured I looked fab for the day. I had on a micro-mini jeans skirt, a strapped top and high heels. I felt lovely. This wasn't the first time I had worn a mini. But just the feeling I get makes me shiver in glee!

I have nice legs. Thats what people tell me. And I agree. Remember I mentioned here a while ago that I couldn't wear short shorts in high school? Yea, the boys thought I had very sexy legs too. Do you know how it feels like when people tell you how “hot and sexy” you look? Some of you have an idea. Its an amazing feeling. I am left blushing from here to Timbuktu! Such an amazing feeling! Especially when you yourself take time to believe it!

Then there is the attention. I never anticipated that! Never! Everytime I was out, before transitioning that is, I would sit back and watch as my “fellow girls” get all the attention and be wooed by every guy possible. Including the one's I thought were hot. Now its happening to me. Its weird and exciting at the same time. My activist friend tells me “stop being such a woman! You're a transsexual”. I don't know how to respond to her. All I know is that I am hiding no more. All those things I used to only dream about are now coming to reality. Its amazing. Amazing is the word I have been using.

Amazing! All I can say is, I AM GRATEFUL!!!

p.s. Now, because it was out in the open, and at night, I am now nursing a very bad cold :(



Tamaku said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Great, we all need to let our hair down sometimes. Lots of liquids and fruit, you'll kick that cold in no time...

ƉƟѴІΞLΞΞ © said...

I would really love to email you if you do not mind. Im african american here in the american south! I have some things id love to ask you about your life and I love your blog. Please let me know if its ok to email you! Id love to get to know some things!


Lindsay said...

Thanks Tamaku! I did. And yes, got some pills and also following your advice :)

Dovielee, I sent you an email.

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