Thursday, October 14, 2010


OK. Fine. Am not going anywhere. And yes am gonna write more. I've gotten enough support. But let me warn you though, it ain't easy. You know, updating n stuff. But am gonna try.

Hope I ain't sounding ish ish. Its just that, as Monica Roberts (a regular reader n commenter of this blog) said, its tough figuring out the balance. How much to reveal, how much to hide. Coz with all honesty I cant be yapping about my life in eeevrything! No can do! Siwesimek! (slang for I can't make it – realised that I need to be translating such considering I have readers from all over the world!)

So, as Amy, Sinia and Monica said in commenting on my last post, one way to know how it is to live in Kenya is by reading my blog. Cool! I'm gonna try. (I said that already!)

So, last thing before I off, remember when I said I was off my meds, well I discovered that my teeny booblets had reduced!!! Imagine! I was so so shocked. So lesson learnt. Do not not take your meds. Its a matter of life and death! (for the boobs that is!). While we are on the topic, why am I talking boobs alone? Why am I even mentioning body aspects? First reason that pops into mind is because well, boobs are the true definition of womanhood. No, that does not mean that all women (even those identifying as) have to have boobs. It simply means that, for me, boobs = womanhood, atleast for the look. The reason am saying this is because sometimes there are women without boobs and men with boobs. So basically it boils down to how you identify yourself and what fits best for you.

Hopefully tomorrow or next week I shall tell something little about my oh so boring sex life!

*XOXO* (p.s. am not mimicking gossip-girl! she copied me!!!)


Lindsay said...

ok... whats with the paragraphs beginning with "ok" and "so"??

I guess thats just me being me :D

Amy K. said...

That's alright. There's a few variations on the word "hope" there too. ;P

So you are back on your meds now? How long were you off them? I was off of mine for eight months back in 2007/2008 (lack of insurance and money!), and I noticed no difference, but I had been on them for four years at that point, so that may be why.

Hugs! :)

Veronica said...

Since I've never had much endowment (and still don't, alas), when I had to go off hormones for three weeks before surgery, my breasts got even smaller. Fortunately, they rebounded when I went back on hormones. Still small though. I don't equate breasts with womanhood, but I understand very well the desire to have them.

It's very interesting for us international readers whenever you do write about life in Kenya!


Monica Roberts said...

Lindsay, feel you on the breast issue. Early in transition I was concerned about how much development I would (C cup) get and how feminine I would look.

But I discovered the body morphing is the easy part of a gender transition journey. Much of it is between the ears and femininity is an ongoing learning process.

Unlike our cis female friends, we don't get a decade to learn all the nuances inherent in it and sort out our body issues. We transwomen have to go from zero to having the age appropriate feminine knowledge almost instantaneously while encountering resistance from friends, family and society.

Anonymous said...

I can make your sex life not boring


Lindsay said...

Thanks friends for commenting.

Amy, I was off for about 5 days or so. I am trying very hard to keep up. Shrinking boobs ain't pretty!

Veronica, that desire is there. Just wonder sometimes if its strong enough to consider a boobjob!

Monica, I concur. I wonder how the next two years will be. Can't wait.

Alehandro, hmmm...

Anonymous said...

wacha stori za hmmm....someone's gotta pop that cherry sometime....I promise ill be gentle

Your place or mine?

Lindsay said...

Alehandro, Haha! Don't forget am with someone :)

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