Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just thought I'd mention something small that ran through my head as I was sitting in my house watching TV.

I am having a hot cuppatea (not cuppatea the blogger! ha!), and am seated on the couch. Am dressed in one of my fave party dresses that I don't wear much nowadays since I rarely go out anymore (blame work!) and whenever I look down and see my figure I sigh.

While I used to be sort of curvy before I started transitioning, I am a lot more curvier now. Definitely attributed to the hormones & a good dose of "fries" (haha!). I remember back then before, I used to wear a tee shirt and hold it back along my body to see my hips & figure and I would not like what I saw. I wasn't as curvy as I'd wish to be. My cousins had already blossomed into these beautiful curvy young women where before they were thin and slender like I was. I was so jealous of them. I would cherish the days I was able to wear my tight jeans, tee-shirt and huggy jumper. It used to make me feel better about myself.

Now seated on the couch and looking at how curvy I've got, I can't help but feel ecstatic. Its a wonderful feeling. I just run my hands over my hips and I feel *yes*!! I'm getting somewhere!

The same applies to my bust. I nowadays can "share it with the world" so to speak hehe. Its coming along well and am proud of myself.

Some people may think that this is what trans people are all about but let me explain something.

When I write here about how a few extra inches I've gained around my hips or how better looking I am (in my view) or how I am more busty, its not the physical that should be the focus, rather, its what it means. To me, this means that something I've always felt was robbed (in a way) from me. Its like puberty all over again. This time round, its happening the way I always wanted it to be.

I am very thankful I am myself now. Very very thankful.

And oh yes, I love my curves!! :D


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Ariel said...

I'm glad you are getting curves! One of the advantages of transitioning young. And I think your explanation is spot on. The curves are great (if you have them), but it's more about what they signify.

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