Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Happens...

A year has passed since I had my surgery and started taking Progynova. Its been great. I couldn't be happier.

Thing is, even nowadays whenever I look in the mirror, I still see a speck or two or even several, of my old self. Do you know I don't even look at those old photos of myself? My mum has them close somewhere. I understand her. Its hard losing a son and gaining a daughter all at the same time. That's the easiest way to explain it. Definitely the real explanation is different from that but.... I digress.

I still have those shivers that someone's gonna notice something odd about me. Even now when I have more confidence about my (small) bust, I am still conscious of what I do and how I do it.

But, I just have to deal with it. One way or another I need to stop caring about what people think and just mind my own business. I already know I'm pretty, I don't need anyone to validate that!


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