Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Am Grateful

dear diary,

its tuesday august 3rd 2010.

i am not voting tomorrow. our country is voting for or against a new constitution and i think it should pass. but you know what? am not voting. am not happy diary. imagine that. the last time i voted was during that god-forsaken 27th election day. remember that one? the one that plunged us into chaos? we now call it "post election violence" or "pev" for short. i dont like how myopic we are. we kenyans that is. it makes me sad. imagine that. we just forget.

know what diary, imagine there are still idps living in camps. wait, there are still idps. yes. and theyre still living in shanties/camps. its 2010 for crying out loud! this happened in 2007! imagine diary. imagine that.

i heard people talking about warembo ni yes. what was that? i just saw bill boards and some flyers here and there. i wish i'd known earlier. i could have gone. too bad for me though. it seemed to be such a nice initiative. oh well, its passed. tomorrow we hope for a new constitutional dispensation. hehe..i used a big word!

diary, it seems that with every passing day my life is becoming boring. someone asked my why the hell i live with my boyfriend. i dont know. is this something i want to rant about? yea oh well. know what? am ok with it. am ok with living with him. i like it. i like it a lot. he gives me comfort. i am glad to be a "ka-wife" hehe... really!

there is not much more to say now. but u know what? am glad. am glad i am alive, am thankful for that, am thankful for my mom, for my friends and co-workers who love and appreciate me, for others who may have an idea but dont give a damn, for my guy for always always being there for me no matter what, for my readers for giving me support....am so so thankful and grateful.



Tamaku said...

I'm optimistic that this time things will be different. I pray I don't get proven wrong. Take care and be vigilante though. xx

benj said...

theres no greater happiness...than to be love and be loved....dont let us single runaways lie to you that were really happy....there is a void we have to deal with every other day...constantly searching for....maybe what you have...yet in constantly in mild denial :)

about the voting, i met friends at work today who didnt vote because "the qeues looked long on tv...etc etc" i dint vote because my ass was too occupied to register....and jus thinking bout why you didnt vote...darn lindsay...i feel terrible...the things we take for granted :(

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