Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi there peeps! Now, as you all may have seen, I have been posting entries with an date tag; meaning that I have been writing up posts and failing to upload them that same day. :( bad huh? Anyway, its been happening.

So since ranting and raving about my love life on the past post, I remembered that apart from that there has been other stuff that have traspired; stuff that may be of importance to the one wanting to learn more about what it means to be a transgender girl in Kenya. Notice how I refer to myself as 'girl'? Its because I believe I am still young enough to refer to myself as girl and not as woman; just a thought :D!

So for all of you who have been following my love life story, we did meet with A eventually and it was okay. I guess I was just being paranoid or something. Things are good between me and my special friend. I cant complain.

I recently visited a few specialists here and there towards my ongoing transition and I want to share where and what I have been upto.

I went to visit an electrologist. Now, the purpose of this electrologist is to see how I can eliminate semi-permanently the presence of facial hair on my face. Yes . As you all know I shave my face every two days because I still grow that dreadful beard hair! The electrologist is supposed to perform an electrolysis on me which will eventually remove all facial hair semi-permanently. I say semipermanently because if I don't take care of the testosterone in my body; that is eliminate it completely or just reduce it, I will have to keep going back to the electrologist for that procedure. Oh and mind you all this costs money! Where I went it costs $25 for consultation and about $50 for the 30minute procedure! Tough on a cookie like me!! I never got to do it due to finances but I got a prescription for the acne on my face. The 'good' doctor told me that I may wish to concentrate on the acne first before going to the facial hair. I disagreed with him but I never let him know.

So I also went to see an endocrinologist. This is a very important physician in my transition because s/he is the one to ensure that my hormonal balance is in check and that I am taking the correct medications and dosages. So I went to see her for the first time. Before that I was unable to reach her but I finally got her. She is a very good lady and really understand my situation. I was referred to her by my friend who is also a trans woman and her patient. I had gone to her specifically to get a prescription for estrogens since I had been looking around for them with no success. She never gave me the prescription but instead asked me to do several checkups before so that she would know exactly what to prescribe. One of the tests, which I found interesting, was to determine whether or not I have internal female organs! Yes people! She said that one of the reasons behind my rare intersexuality would be the presence of internal fallopian tubes, ovaries and other stuff. Personally I don't think I have ever done such an x-ray. I wonder what my reaction would be if I really do have such in me! Anyways, she also asked me to ensure that I take my pills properly so as to avoid side effects occurring badly. We are dealing with hormones people!!

My friend the trans woman recommended something to me that I had never though of before. She recommended I do a Bilateral Orchidectomy. This is in lay terms a castration! Yes. In order for me to be rid of secondary male characteristics I should get rid of my testes! Ok, if you are male youre probably wondering why the hell I would want to 'cut off' my balls! Well, I'm not actually cutting off anything, I will be simply removing the balls; the scrotal skin cover will still remain! This then definitely means that if I go ahead with the operation, I shall be forever sterile. I shall not be able to have babies of my own. Now for me, I have alsways dreamt of giving birth; not siring babies. Its unfortunate or fortunate but its true. Its the way it is. So my stand is that if I cannot give birth then I cant. Period. I will adopt. My organs may be working perfectly but I cannot comprehend the fact that I 'fathered' a child. That would only happen by accident! So in a nutshell, I am going to do the operation very soon because it eliminates about 95% of all the testosterone production in my body. What does that mean? It means that my body no longer undergoes any further masculinization. It also means that there are side effects. I wish I can tell you more on this but its a lot of info and I'd rather give links such as these.

Finally, work. Work has been fine. As I mentioned earlier, my work is not that involving and part of in is about research. I am yet to teach myself on the methodologies of report writing and proposal writing but I am sure I will get to that sooner rather than later. One of the stuff I have been researching a little on is religion. I had earlier put up a post on the famous Leviticus verses but now I am talking of more than just christianity and whether its for or against homosexuality and/or transsexuality. Thought proviking stuff on the Internet I tell you! Need I say more?

Mambo baad!! (Things are bad!!)


Amy K. said...

Okay, now I just read this entry and saw that all is good with A. Hooray! :)

I know that the value of money must differ between here and Kenya, but just for the hell of it, I was paying $60 per hour, but had no fee for a consultation. Just make sure the electrologist is licensed with some official organization, if you haven't checked already.

Do you know if the test they performed on you is a Karyotype test? This is a test to determine whether you have a chromosomal variation. You can read about it here:

As far as the orchidectomy, I haven't looked at the links, but the main reason I'm opting not have one (so far) is to keep the scrotal skin from shrinking (important for GRS)... and oh yeah, it costs money, that too. :P


Amy K. said...

P.S. - You probably know all this already, but the use of an anti-androgen can almost nullify the amount of testosterone produced by the testicles. I've been on 200 mg of Spironolactone for years, and it works wonders. If your endocrinologist is experienced in treating transsexuals, they should prescribe this for you as well, in addition to estrogen supplements. If you already know this, then my apologies... you just hadn't mentioned it along with the estrogen in your post, so I figured I'd cover all the bases. Best of luck to you!

Lindsay said...

Amy, my current dose is 100mg but I think I will increase it. The reason why I am doing the Orchie is to avoid the cost of antiandrogens in the long run. I think the orchie will cost me $125 to $188 while the antiandrogens for a year will be like $216 and that means every year. i want to save the few dollars so i am prepared for the srs, that is if Kenya can change a few laws soon.

Monica Roberts said...

good to hear things are moving positively in your life so far. ;)

Lindsay said...

Thanks Monica!

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