Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Of late I have not been able to update my blog on the ongoings in my life and its largely because I have been having a lot of work lately thus denying me the luxury of sitting down to come up with comprehensive words describing my near-boring life!

Apart from dissing myself there, life hasn't been met without the usual ups and downs. It sometimes worries me to be writing about me and my life seeing that I personally tend to be very private. It also sometimes saddens me that I don't get to follow my fellow bloggers' blogs properly (as I would like to) because of the lack of time. (I say this despite the fact that we all have 24hrs in a day!!).

Now to update you on what's been happening; what I've been up to, lemme start by telling you that I was diagnosed with Ulcers! Now now, lets not jump into conclusions by saying, “Oh no! Its a case of stress! Oh you poor thing!”. Well, quite frankly, it was! But not entirely though. I also haven't been eating well. You see, I used to work for a catering company (I must've mentioned this somewhere else) and thereby used to eat nice, well cooked, healthy, FREE meals!! Expectedly, I never cooked at home, unless I had visitors over or was on leave. But now, now cooking is something I have to 'reinvent', remind myself. My mom keeps telling me, “If you ever get married, you will be one disappointing wife!”. Funny as it may sound, its not, in reality. In our culture, a young woman should know her way around the kitchen EXTREMELY well. As someone said in a radio recently, a good woman/wife should be a chef in the kitchen, a friend in the living room, a partner in public and a slut in the bedroom!

So, yes. I did have an ulcer scare. It lasted about three weeks and during this time I didnt have any hormones. I felt bad for that but I couldn't help stopping knowing very well that one of the side effects of the drugs is nausea and stuff!

I am now back on meds and I am relatively happy. I say relatively because there are still so many other issues that have been cropping up and its weighing heavily on me. I hope that I will be able to create time so that I can share these issues with y'all. Otherwise for now, I will stop there.

But I will leave you with a question. For those in transition and or completed transitioning, how much did it cost, roughly? Could you break it down simply into total cost, cost of meds, cost of srs(if any) and also into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily costs especially for the hrt(meds).

Thanks y'all. Happy blogging!!


Amy K. said...

First off, let me say that I hope your ulcers get treated as best as possible, and may you get as healthy as you were before.

I'm not going to break everything down like you said, but you can do the math. I am pre-op, so no GRS cost as yet. :( Two of my meds were covered under health insurance, so I paid a $5 copay on those two, and about $22 on the other. I've been on hormones for a combined total of five years, so you can do the math there. Electrolysis cost me $60 an hour, and I went for approximately 55 hours. I also had laser treatments before the electrolysis, and that cost me about $800. I'm not done with electrolysis, and I estimate I have at least another 50 hours to go. I have no money now, so maybe there are some rich folks out there who can help Lindsay and I out? (hehe)

*hugs* Feel better, hun. :)

Enchanted One said...

Thanks Amy. I appreciate the effort. I an my org are working on a Medical Policy to enable better access to healthcare for Trans and Intersex persons.

*Again, Thanx*

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