Monday, January 31, 2011

2010: My Best Year EVER!!!

I just realised that the year has gone and I have not paid proper tribute to it.

You have to realise that 2010 for me, was THE BEST YEAR of my life!!

Lets just walk through it and we see.

January was the time I finally went to the doctor to get checked, was worried about dealing with repercussions of transition.

February came and I was moving, oh the drama! Then came the time I was worried about losing my job. Life in March was getting better.

April was the month I had my Orchidectomy! In May there was me enjoying my life even more, and in June I blogged about my sexuality and about just how much my Mum means to me :)

July and August passed... September saw me reminisce on the day I said "enough is enough", October came, November too and in December I met most of my family for the first time. What a day that was!

And there it is. 2010 laid bare. And damn was it good! It saw the real me come out properly; like a blossoming flower, blooming and letting loose! Oh am so happy!!!

So far so good. I am more and more thankful. Beyond being at peace with myself and I could never be any more grateful for this opportunity.

My focus now is to see others in my position, or who are still wondering what,when,how,why,who and see if I can do something. Because I want this for someone else too.



Anonymous said...

Lucky you, Linds. I'm yet to post something that relates to "blablahblah was my best year EVER!!!"
Even in small letters. Without exclamation points.

PS: Pole about David.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to read this, Lindsay. And just think. You have better years ahead of you! I'm sure of it.

Gay Nairobi Man said...

I was just telling a friend how 2010 was my best year and only loses to 1994.

I have been in a good place in 2011 so far.

It seems 2010 was a defining year for you

Monica Roberts said...

And hope this year and the ones following are even better for you!

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