Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey there guys!
I’m back after a long break. But I don’t get too excited now, it wont be like the olden days. It somehow saddens me to know that my wonderfully cultured ritual will have to be cut short to mere weekends(if available, that is) because I am and will be tied up for most of my time.
Sad story, huh! You see, I enrolled back into college to complete my studies for ACCA. I have been doing it for the last one year and we had an agreement with my darling, super-mom that before I begin my hormone therapy, I must at least complete the major part of my accounting qualification. So I did the first three papers of part two and I'm waiting for the results for that and now I'm pursuing the last three. It’s the major part and it scares me alittle. Mother doesn’t know that (maybe now she will hehe…love you mommy!) it scares me because as I keep saying, I have so many things going on in my mind and now that D-Day is drawing nearer, the anxiety and anxiousness is getting wilder and more overwhelming! The thought of finally strutting out in town in stilettos and a gorgeous flowered dress, with neatly done makeup, well groomed hair bouncing at the pump of my gait, Gucci bag in hand (mtish ofcourse!)…………….. ooooh!!!!!!
Its amazing I tell you! I just really want it to happen so badly!

I have nothing more to say…not! I will try and update you more soon!

Ciao, mi amigos!!


alejandro said...

ebu you hit me up when ur ready...nikupeleke java nikununulie kahawa ;-)

Pater Nostra said...


You got it going ON! Best of luck with studies and the transformation! You will look amazing!


Enchanted One said...

Le agradezco sus palabras y espero que pase pronto! I assume you get that! hehe...

Thanks alot dearie! It means alot to me when you say that!

alejandro said...

sí ni amor.....;-)....very very soon

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