Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lindsay, Who?

This is weird (for me at least!), Im finding it hard to believe that I haven’t posted anything for the last, what, ten days? Well I said earlier that it will get some getting used to.

I hide my true identity for one reason only. SECURITY! I wanna survive! I hate it that I have to hide it but hen again…I have too many dreams that I need to protect. I don’t want someone out there trying to make my life miserable!
It’s crazy and unacceptable what some Kenyans can do to you just because you appear different to them! I mean! It’s a sham, is just plain evil! I just wish the world was a better place, but again, who am I kidding? Are we really that doomed?

Is the world ever going to get better? Ever?

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Pater Nostra said...

Hey girl!

Being safe is paramount for you and I strongly support your want for anonymity. Even I with my larger than life personalty and fat arse, can´t dare show my face...yet!

People can hurt and be malicious and there is no need to give them bullets to shoot you with by ´coming out´ to them.

Better be safe than sorry. (This last phrase, ´Better be safe than sorry,´ also applies in the bedroom! Hihi)

Lotsa love. Mwah.

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