Monday, July 13, 2009


Well it’s a new week and I just realized that i said I will give more the next day. Well I got caught up in some work plus I woke up really late. (I was watching ‘The Girl Next Door’, a really nice movie).
On Saturday I went to visit my cousin who is in Fourth Form. She is so nice, but she has become so spoilt, I wonder how things will be when she gets out of high school!
Ok. So it was a lovely experience since we were cousins only visiting her plus her sister (who by the way is a good friend of mine and understands me) so it was kinda cool. However, she was already having a blast since she was visited by a group of guys who came in a sleek Mitsubishi (floss mode!) so she was already all over.
I kept thinking to myself about how I missed our on such experiences like high school in a girl school. It was somehow painful for me when I was in high school back in the day. I could see girls coming to our school from our so called sister school and it would break my heart. I remember being teased severally that I must have taken the wrong road and I was meant to go to ‘Ishai’ (that’s the nick name they gave the sister school). I remember how I wished that was true. It was so confusing being there.
Anyway, I still have more to share so I hope we will catch up on this tomorrow.


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